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Our coaching team is made up of a group of highly qualified and dedicated coaches who are passionate about their crafts. Led by our head coach, Jake, an esteemed figure who holds the position of Malaysian National Kickboxing Head Coach, our coaches are committed to providing the highest quality of training and world-class coaching to our members. Over the past decade, our sports-science backed training programs, combined with the guidance and support of our coaches, have helped thousands of individuals achieve success. All of our coaches are certified in their respective areas of expertise, ensuring that you receive the best training experience possible. With over 250 classes being offered every month across all our top-notch training facilities, you will have no shortage of options to choose from, ensuring that your fitness journey is always exciting and fulfilling. 

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Jake Low is the Malaysian National Kickboxing Head Coach, Malaysian National Muaythai Coach, Selangor State Boxing Coach and Selangor State Muaythai Coach who has produced countless champions and gold medalists over the past decade. He is the highest ranked Muay Thai coach in Malaysia with a Khan-12 (Kru) Rank and SPKK Grade-A Coaching License; accompanied by Level-3 Coaching Certifications for Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing from WMC, IFMA, IBA and WAKO respectively. In his free time, Jake loves attending heavy metal and punk rock concerts. The gyms would be blasting screamo songs all day long if it was up to him!



Resident Coach

Ameero Haiqal is the #1-Ranked Minimumweight & Flyweight Professional Boxer in Malaysia. With over 60 amateur Boxing matches under his belt, Ameero is highly regarded as one of the top boxers in Malaysia for the lower weight divisions, having won almost every prestigious amateur boxing tournament including Piala Brunei, Mayor's Cup, President's Cup and many more. He is also the KBX 54KG Bantamweight Boxing Champion and IBA Level-1 Certified Boxing Coach and IFMA-WMC Level-1 Certified Muay Thai Coach. A happy-go-lucky man, Ameero loves snacking and you'll always catch him watching his favourite boxers on YouTube!



Resident Coach

With his extensive background in Fitness and Strength Training, Marco is also a WMC-IFMA Certified Level-1 Muay Thai Coach and a PMM Certified Level-1 Muay Thai Personal Trainer who currently holds a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Marco has achieved a remarkable fight record in Muay Thai and Kickboxing and has also won Gold medals from multiple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments including Copa da Malásia and Kuala Lumpur BJJ Open. Wherever we go, Marco leaves everyone wondering if he is actually a Malaysian but he will always be the first to greet you whenever you step into the gym because he's just that friendly! 

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Assistant Coach

Since earning her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt in a short span of only 5 years, Sin Yee has established herself as one of the best female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors in Malaysia after winning Gold medals in regional BJJ tournaments such as Copa da Malásia, Kuala Lumpur BJJ Open, Malaysian Grappling League, Malaysia Jiu Jitsu International Open and many more. Her impressive resume includes winning Gold Medals from international tournaments such as IBJJF Manila Open, Asian Open and Tokyo Open. Sin Yee was also the first Malaysian to ever earn a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt from Tokyo, Japan!

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Mohd Fouzein is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and a pioneer for Mixed Martial Arts in Malaysia. Fouzein is also a former Malaysian National Jiu-Jitsu athlete who competed in numerous SEA Games and currently holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With almost 100 fights under his belt, Fouzein has competed in world-class promotions such as ONE Championship & Kunlun Fight; he has also won several Boxing, Muaythai and Kickboxing Championship Titles over the course of his career. A huge fan of comics and anime, you'd most probably catch him reading manga on his phone if he is not whipping something up in the kitchen!



Resident Coach

Bobby Tan is an up-and-coming MMA prospect in Southeast Asia who currently hones a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the tutelage of Mohd Fouzein. Bobby started learning Martial Arts from a very young age with his first combat art being Sanda. Through his past achievements in Sanda, Bobby was eventually promoted as the Malacca State Sanda Coach before relinquishing his position to pursue Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Always seen kitted out in fancy training gear from lavish fight brands, Bobby is the man to talk to if you need tips on looking great in training or competition!



Assistant Coach

Azim is the #1-Ranked Featherweight Professional Boxer in Malaysia and has quickly established himself as an up-and-coming Boxing star in Southeast Asia; holding a professional boxing record of 5-1. He is SUKMA 2017's Boxing Gold Medalist who has won all the prestigious amateur Boxing tournaments Malaysia has to offer including Piala Malaysia, President's Cup, Mayor's Cup, Golden Gloves, Piala Brunei and many more. Azim is a cancer survivor, a former Malaysian National Boxer and also Sabah's State Assistant Boxing Coach. Whenever he is not shadow boxing in the middle of nowhere, Azim would be glued onto his phone.

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Assistant Coach

Kai Tze is the Kuda Merah Muaythai 75KG International Champion, ISKA-AMA 70KG K-1 Kickboxing Champion, Malaysian National Muay Thai Tournament 75KG Gold Medalist and Singapore Fighting Championship's 72KG Muay Thai Champion. A 'Muay Khao' by nature, Kai Tze has an outstanding record of 25 wins and only 1 loss in his young Muay Thai and Kickboxing career, with most fights coming off finishes via elbows and knees. A man of little words, Kai Tze has an impressive 90% knockout rate but once he has gotten to know you, be prepared to be bombarded with plenty of nonsensical conversations and 'diuuuuuu'.

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