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Muay Thai

Our signature Muay Thai program was developed through a decade long of international coaching and competition experience. We combine the lethal weapons of Muay Thai including knees & elbows with sophisticated Western Boxing punches and refined Kickboxing combinations to form the perfect marriage between the world's top 3 striking disciplines. 100% beginners friendly with zero sparring!

Western Boxing

Our Western Boxing program is designed to accommodate both beginners and seasoned veterans. Our training system prioritizes basic, simple and effective techniques to ease your transition from Muay Thai or Kickboxing to Western Boxing and also help incorporate polished Western Boxing combinations, footwork and head movement into your Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA arsenal.

Submission Grappling

Our Submission Grappling program is designed to ensure first-timers will begin their Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) journey with a strong grappling foundation by focusing on the core concepts and techniques (from every position) that every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner should know. Our training system prioritizes fundamentals & basics to help you transition from striking to grappling with ease.

Dutch Kickboxing

Our distinctive Dutch Kickboxing program emphasizes on partner training drills to simulate real-time offensive and defensive scenarios. Dutch Kickboxing emphasizes on lethal low kicks and heavy punches with explosive power and non-stop aggression. Our Dutch Kickboxing program is designed to accomodate members of advanced to elite levels only. Shinguards and boxing gloves are mandatory!


Shark Tank

Emphasized primarily on sparring, clinching and grappling, Shark Tank is designed to help you prepare for your future competitions or real-life combat situations. Experience an overview of adverse scenarios which may arise in the ring or streets and learn how to handle them, which will help you feel confident and prepared for anything. Mouthguards, shinguards and 16oz boxing gloves are mandatory!

Shark Attack

Shark Attack is our very own Strength & Conditioning (S&C) program which gives you a perfect blend of bodyweight and weighted exercises in the form of AMRAP, HIIT and more. Our training system encompasses an individiual's entire body to rapidly lose weight while improving power, speed, strength, agility, endurance, balance and coordination to improve your overall athletic performance.

Open Workout

Don't feel like joining a class or can't make it out for group classes? Whatever your reason may be, you can always opt to self-train during our Open Workout sessions! Lift weights, smash bags or spar and drill with your teammates! No idea what to do? You can always consult our coaches on-site for technical drills and workouts. Open Workout is strictly available for registered and active members only.

Fight Camp

Our Invite-Only Fight Camp program is coordinated by our very own Head Coach, who also happens to be the Malaysian National Kickboxing Coach and Selangor State's Muay Thai Coach. Work your way up the ladder to gain an invitation to join our Fight Camp program. No matter which discipline you'll be fighting in, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing or MMA, Fight Camp is your ultimate preparation platform!